At Alamex we provide interpretation, translation, transcription, transportation and immigration assistance services.  These services are focused primarily within the legal, medical and technical arena, but we also work one-on-one with individual clients to assist in personal situations such as bonding services.  At Alamex there is no job that is too small or too large.  We provide customized service at competitive rates.  We also offer emergency services because we realize there are some things in life and business that just can’t wait.  All of our interpreters and translators are highly skilled, professionals who are matched to the client based on area of focus and language needs.  You will be matched with an individual whose native language matches your needs.  Because we have a network of certified, trained and experienced translators we are able to offer translation services from any language to any language.  Call us today for a fast, free, no-obligation quote.


Alamex has been providing interpretation services to the legal and medical industry for over a decade.  We have a proven track record, and have provided interpretation services for high profile court proceedings in the Southeastern region.  Our team of interpreters are professional with years of experience.  We provide consecutive, simultaneous and whispering interpretation.  We can provide 24/7 interpretation in person or via a teleconference. 


We provide a full-range of translation services, which are customized to meet the needs of the client.  Whether you are looking to translate an employee manual or a birth certificate we offer high quality deliverables at a cost-effective price to meet your needs.  Common documents which require translation typically fall into one of  five categories; legal, medical, technical, end user documentation (employee/training manuals) or marketing materials.


All transcriptions are performed by qualified individuals and not a computer.  


We are a personalized transportation company specializing in dependable, cost effective transportation services for claimants to and from medical, physical therapy, and FCE appointments for workers’ compensation. We are a local transportation company in the areas of North and Central Alabama, including Chattanooga and Nashville Tennessee. For transportation needs to other areas, please give us a call so that we may discuss you destination location.

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