"The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and a lightning bug."

- Mark Twain

Everyone can relate to being misunderstood. When it comes to the written word, improper translation can be confusing, embarrassing, or even costly. Alamex’s team of experienced linguists are here to make sure your communication is accurate and appropriate. We provide a full range of translation services, customized to your needs and requirements.

While Alamex translates documents and content for a wide variety of use cases, the most common translation requirements fall into 5 categories:


When moving from one country to another you may find it necessary to provide proof of legal declarations such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate.  The destination country may require in addition to the translation of legal documents, that those documents also be legalized through an Apostille or a Consular Certification.  The legalization of a document involves many steps and can often be confusing.

  • All legal documents which are translated by Alamex are notarized and certified.
  • We adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement between Alamex, our translators and the client.  


Our services go beyond word-for-word translation and interpretation. We help clients navigate to doctor’s offices, communicate with pharmacists, and even provide follow up for future appointments. Our relationships last well beyond the desired service, we maintain close contact to ensure your needs are met every step of the way.

  • All translations are bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)


Translation of technical documents can fall short of expectations sometimes unless you have a translator who understands both the language and the subject matter. Too many product manufacturers disenfranchise localized markets by failing to provide accurate and culturally sensitive translations of important supporting materials. You can count on Alamex to provide highly skilled and qualified translators who will ensure the accuracy of your technical documentation.

Workforce Documentation

Employee documentation and communication not only helps your business runs as effectively as possible, it’s also vital for ensuring compliance and solid legal footing. This is especially important for diverse work forces and multi-national companies.

Marketing Materials

Reaching your target audience with an effective and compelling messaging is challenging enough in one language. As your company expands to new geographies and cultures, Alamex will help you meet your goals and reach your target audiences.


Alamex’s reliable interpreting services are available around the clock either in person or “virtually”. We match your requirements with a skilled interpreter familiar and comfortable with your subject matter. We always protect the privacy of all parties involved, and have extensive experience providing interpretation services to the legal and medical industries.

Simultaneous Interpretation

An interpreter translating the message from the source language to the target language in real-time.

Our interpreters have the ability to listen to the message being delivered in one language and interpret that message into another language word for word, all in real time. This type of interpretation service is used in legal settings, court interpretations, conferences and training seminars to name a few.  The main goal of any setting which requires communication is to ensure the message is delivered effectively and communicated as intended.  When you trust Alamex for your interpretation needs you can rest assured this goal will be met regardless of the setting. 

Consecutive Interpretation

An interpreter converts words into the target language after the speaker has delivered one or two sentences. In this case, the speaker pauses to wait the interpreter to convey the message before continuing.

Consecutive Interpretation, just as simultaneous interpretation, can be used in multiple settings.  Consecutive interpretation not only requires a full understanding of the spoken languages, but also requires the interpreter to have the ability to store information in memory for communication.  Consecutive interpretation requires the linguists to listen to the message for a given period of time, typically 5 – 10 minutes, before providing the translated message into the identified language.  This interpretation must be provided eloquently and accurately without hesitation.  You can count on Alamex to provide trained professional interpreters to meet your needs.  

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