With Confidence

Alamex has been providing high quality, reliable translation and interpretation services since 1999.

Alamex is an established, women-based, privately owned firm providing interpretation and translation services across a wide array of markets and environments. With over 20 years of experience delivering tailored needs, we have a passion for breaking down language and cultural barriers to improve communication.

Core Values

Integrity & Competence

Our core values are deeply rooted in everything we do. Our services go beyond word-for-word translation and interpretation. We believe every situation deserves a tailored solution, never a “one size fits all” approach.

Here at Alamex, we go the extra mile.


Accurate, real-time interpretation by native speakers in person or via teleconference.


Offer a full range of translation services in over 90 languages to a wide variety of clients.

Who Uses Alamex?

Alamex provides translation and interpretation services for businesses, government agencies and individuals!

In our increasingly diverse communities, Alamex’s team is committed to helping you communicate with confidence. Our services range from corporate partnerships to translate manuals for products shipped around the globe to simply assisting individuals translating family documents. We’re here to solve your translation needs!

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