Have you ever wished you had an Alamex translator in your pocket? Well, we haven’t figured out how to shrink one of them yet (no volunteers—can you believe that?). So, we did the next best thing. 

We rounded up the best mobile phone applications to get you started on your own language journey. Check out the top seven below!

Top 7 Apps for Learning Another Language

1. Duolingo

Duolingo swept the market in late 2011 and has been a staple for learning a new language since. This application caters to advanced learners and beginners alike through a competitive, points-based format. As of 2022, this application has 106 different language courses in 40 languages.

2. Google Translate

The Google Translate app is a must-have for learning a new language or traveling the world. This app uses your camera to help read books, signs, and any other type of text. Additionally, you can talk-to-text a phrase and get the corresponding phrase in a different language spoken back to you! Get it here for Apple or here for Android

3. Drops

Drops (which comes from the term “language drops”) has quick, fun lessons to ensure you keep a good habit going. This app focuses on making language learning entertaining through short, visual word games. With 30 different languages to choose from, you’re sure to find something.

4. Mondly

The newcomer to the market, Mondly, has experts raving about its efficacy and immersive learning (a must-have if you need to learn a language quick!). This app is a little different than the others—it uses speech recognition, and it will only reward you if you say the words or phrase correctly.

5. Rosetta Stone

After entering the market in 1992, Rosetta Stone dominated in the language learning space for decades. Does anyone else remember using it on a huge, square, yellowed computer? Well, just as computers have evolved, so has Rosetta Stone. This app is now accessible via mobile app and uses the immersive experience to get you learning quickly.

6. Babbel

Let’s say you’re not ready for that immersive experience yet—do you need a virtual class to get you laid out and ready for learning? Babbel offers virtual classes at a variety of times and learner levels. If you’re not ready to talk to someone live, check out their pre-recorded video lessons or podcasts!

7. Pimsleur

Don’t want to stare at a screen any longer? We’ve got you. Pimsleur is an audio-based language learning application that treats language learning as a passive experience. It’s so easy to incorporate that you could learn a language on a plane, at the gym, or before you go to bed. 

Do you need to know Chinese by next Friday? 

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