Ala-Mex? What does that mean? And where did this name come from? The name of this Huntsville-established translation company has a thoughtful backstory and a dedicated passion behind it. 

The Backstory

Patrick was born in the United States. His father was from Alabama, and his mother from South America. At an early age, he spent extended time with his family in Ecuador. Together, they communicated by speaking Spanish in their home. When he was in 5th grade, his family moved to Quito, Ecuador, where he attended a bilingual private school. After graduating high school, he moved back to the US for college. 

This unique experience of language and culture in his life is an essential part of speaking English and Spanish with equal fluency. For many years, he dreamed of having a career where he can use his ability to speak English and Spanish fluently.

The Beginning 

In 1999, Patrick began interpreting in Huntsville, Alabama after realizing the incredible need for this. It was clear that his services helped businesses and individuals needing clarity to break language barriers on important matters. 

He noticed that he had created a bridge of communication between patients and clients in the settings that he worked in — giving confidence and trust to the people needing the services. Since then, Alamex has consistently grown. He has hired other interpreters and added many languages to the list for professional interpreting and translation work. Today, Alamex offers a variety of languages.

From the Founder

“It is gratifying for me to work in this field as it helps many people by decreasing stress and anxiety to gain clarity. To have a successful translation, translators require the necessary abilities. Therefore, clients will not obtain a translation based on quality but rather a word-by-word translation. For example, it would not be fitting if a medical translator was asked to translate legal matters. 

Sometimes a problem can be easily solved by simply having better communication. This will lead businesses to build trust with their clients. Our company assigns projects to an expert linguist to translate, edit, and proofread our clients’ documents for superior outcomes.

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