If you have ever said something only to have it misinterpreted then you understand how very important it is to capture the true intent of the spoken word. Just as important is to properly translate the true meaning of the written language. At Alamex we employee only experienced linguists for translations.  We provide a full-range of translation services, which are customized to meet the needs of the client.  Whether you are looking to translate an employee manual or a birth certificate we offer high quality deliverables at a cost-effective price to meet your needs.  Common documents which require translation typically fall into one of  five categories; legal, medical, technical, end user documentation (employee/training manuals) or marketing materials.  

We will also ensure your documents have been properly “authenticated, legalized or notarized” depending upon the country you intend to use the translated document.  Some countries may require an Apostille Certification if they have agreed to abide to the Hague Convention, if not, a Consular Certification may be required.  Whatever the case may be, Alamex guarantees documents translated by us for use in an identified country will be recognized for the use intended or we will refund your money.

Legal Documentation

All legal documents which are translated by Alamex are notarized and certified.  Examples of such documents include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, divorce decrees, adoption papers, wills, legal contracts, diplomas, transcripts, drivers license, real estate documents.  At Alamex we adhere to a strict confidentiality agreement between Alamex, our translators and the client.  

When moving from one country to another you may find it necessary to provide proof of legal declarations such as a birth certificate or marriage certificate.  The destination country may require in addition to the translation of legal documents, that those documents also be legalized through an Apostille or a Consular Certification.  The legalization of a document involves many steps and can often be confusing.  You can trust in Alamex to ensure your documents are translated, certified, notarized and have the proper legalization leaving you free to focus on other things in life.

Medical Documentation

Medical documents which may require translation include patient medical records/history, dosage instructions, post and pre surgery instructions, medical research documents and patents.  All translations are bound by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Technical Documentation

Translation of technical documents can fall short of expectations sometimes unless you have a translator who understands both the language and the subject matter.  You can count on Alamex to provide highly skilled and qualified translators who will ensure the accuracy of your technical documentation.

End User Documentation

End user documentation is an important part of ensuring your business runs as effectively as possible.  When your business expands to other countries or when the needs of your workforce change you can count on Alamex to provide translation of all your end user documentation including training materials and employee manuals.

Marketing Materials

When your ready to reach other cultures and expand your current business beyond your native language, Alamex is here to help you meet your goals and mission.  We can translate any type of brochure, website or any other type of marketing materials you may require to reach your target audience.