Alamex has been providing interpretation services to the legal and medical industry for over a decade.  We have a proven track record, and have provided interpretation services for high profile court proceedings in the Southeastern region.  Our team of interpreters are professional with years of experience.  We provide simultaneous, consecutive, and whispered interpretation.  We can provide 24/7 interpretation in person or via a teleconference.

Simultaneous Interpretation

Our interpreters have the ability to listen to the message being delivered in one language and interpret that message into another language word for word, all in real time. This type of interpretation service is used in legal settings, court interpretations, conferences and training seminars to name a few.  The main goal of any setting which requires communication is to ensure the message is delivered effectively and communicated as intended.  When you trust Alamex for your interpretation needs you can rest assured this goal will be met regardless of the setting. 

Consecutive Interpretation

Consecutive Interpretation, just as simultaneous interpretation, can be used in multiple settings.  Consecutive interpretation not only requires a full understanding of the spoken languages, but also requires the interpreter to have the ability to store information in memory for communication.  Consecutive interpretation requires the linguists to listen to the message for a given period of time, typically 5 – 10 minutes, before providing the translated message into the identified language.  This interpretation must be provided eloquently and accurately without hesitation.  You can count on Alamex to provide trained professional interpreters to meet your needs.  

Whispered Interpretation

Whispered Interpretation is a form of simultaneous interpretation and may be required when a person or group of people need to understand what is being presented real-time to the audience, but do not speak the language in which the prime message is being delivered.  Therefore, the interpreter is required to address the person or group of people in a whisper so as not to disturb the communicator of the prime message.